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EQUATE & KFSD Continue Partnership through Awareness Videos
09 Dec 2016

EQUATE Petrochemical Company, a global producer of petrochemicals, and Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) continued their sustainable partnership through the joint collaboration to produce short awareness videos about safety in elevators and using electrical equipment.

KFSD Director of Public Relations & Media Colonel Khalil Al-Amir said, “According to statistics, most fire incidents handled by the directorate are a result of improper distribution of electrical connections, power overload and using low quality electrical equipment. At the same times, the directorate receives numerous emergency calls to rescue individuals from elevators due to installing elevators not accredited by KFSD and not performing routine maintenance. These short video clips, which will be played throughout movie theatres and social media platforms, will address how to prevent fires resulting from electrical equipment and elevator malfunctions. Such an effort is an example of the care and attention devoted by KFSD and EQUATE to ensure the safety and protection of individuals and property in the society as a whole.”

On his part, EQUATE Environment, Health & Safety Leader Mohammad Al-Shamary said, “As part of a number of significant topics, public safety is a critical element in the partnership between KFSD and EQUATE. Personal safety at home, the workplace and everywhere is a necessity for everyone. EQUATE is pleased to continue this partnership with KFSD based on the cooperation protocol signed during the beginning of 2016 to increase collaboration and coordination in emergency response, readiness, fire protection, training courses, sharing knowledge, awareness campaigns, joint initiatives and other matters. In conclusion, I would like to express utmost appreciation to KFSD Director-General His Excellency Lieutenant-General Khaled Al-Mekrad, Colonel Al-Amir and all KFSD staff.”

Throughout the years, the partnership between KFSD and EQUATE included launching campaigns to establish awareness about handling emergencies within and outside homes, the importance of fire extinguishers, the necessity of smoke detectors, safe use of gas cylinders, safety in desert camps, calling 112 in case of emergency and other critical matters. In addition, KFSD and EQUATE staff attended joint international training courses in advanced industrial firefighting and hazmat to develop capabilities and adopting global best practices to serve this country and all its population, citizens and expatriates alike.

The joint team for producing these videos included Al-Amir, Al-Shamary, First-Lieutenant Ali Quli from KFSD, as well as EQUATE’s Emergency Services & Security Leader Abdulqader Al-Qabandi, Emergency Response Planner Sultan Redha and Corporate Communications Executive Asrar Mohammad.

EQUATE is a global producer of petrochemicals used in products that create a better world. The company is the world’s second largest producer of Ethylene Glycol (EG) with industrial complexes in Kuwait, North America and Europe producing Ethylene, Ethylene Glycol (EG), Polyethylene (PE) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The products are marketed throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a leading global enterprise, EQUATE strongly pursues sustainability principles and best practices wherever it operates through partnerships with various stakeholders, including its employees and customers, as well as societies as a whole in fields that includes human development, environment, education, health and public awareness. Established in 1995 as an international joint venture, EQUATE’s shareholders include Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), Boubyan Petrochemical Company (BPC) and Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company (QPIC). EQUATE provides reliable services and solutions that enables global customers and stakeholders to grow and attain the success they seek by being “Partners in Success.” 

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