Our Team

Our people are at the heart of our successes and future ambitions. With impeccable international expertise through our partnerships, and exceptional performance in all aspects of our operations, we are extremely proud of our team of 1,200+ empowered employees who represent over 25 nationalities from around the world, with a Kuwaitiazation percentage exceeding 50%.

Such transnational diversity, brilliant creativity, undeniable competency, and continuous advancement have provided EQUATE with advantages in production, marketing, logistics, customer service, and all other components of our internal value chain.

Affectionately referring to themselves as EQUATERs, the members of our team show exemplary pride in being part of the company. Their continuous high standards and performance are how that sense of belonging is turned into action on a day-to-day basis.

University & College Students

EQUATE provides internship opportunities that are linked to its workforce needs, to ensure internship candidates receive the first-rate training that will benefit their careers.

Before applying for an internship, kindly read and complete this document.

To apply for an internship at EQUATE, kindly click here.