Health & Public Awareness
Safety at Every Home Campaign (Safe)

Aimed at avoiding hazards and preventing incidents at home and other places, Safety at Every Home Campaign (Safe) is launched in partnership between Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) and EQUATE Petrochemical Company. To create awareness between members of the Kuwaiti society, nationals and expats, the campaign addressed how to handle fires, emergencies within and outside the household, the importance of having a fire extinguisher, the role of smoke alarms, as well as safely using gas cylinders and other critical matters.

Painting Smiles 1 & 2

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, EQUATE launched “Painting Smiles 1” campaign cooperation with Kuwait Association for the Care of Children i. Hospital (KACCH) and “Painting Smiles 2” campaign in cooperation with the Kuwait Blind Association (KBA) to create community awareness regarding the significance of supporting these members of the society. Realizing the need to embody its “Partners in Success” tagline with all relevant stakeholders, several children participated with paintings that were displayed during an art exhibition that also included artworks by KBA members. All proceeds from both exhibits were dedicated to the relevant society.

Keep Your Life Rosy

Realizing the need to tackle serious health issues, EQUATE launched its own Breast Cancer Awareness Program which was themed “Keep Your Life Rosy.” Done in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Kuwait Society for Oncology, the drive was aimed at promoting breast cancer self-examination and early detection through direct involvement with the public. The campaign toured about 20 grade schools and held many events at shopping centers, which enabled it to interact with over 4,000 females who were informed about the dangers of such a disease that poses quite a threat to the lives of many women throughout the globe.

Plastic … Fantastic

As a manufacturer of basic material used in plastic products, EQUATE took upon itself the task of enlightening people about the benefits, proper use, recycling and production of plastics. “Plastic...Fantastic” was the slogan for the company’s Plastic Awareness Program, which utilized seminars, presentations and multimedia tools to achieve its objective. The campaign took place at shopping malls, universities, grade schools and other venues to show people the making, diverse uses and great benefits of plastic in our lives and that plastics in general are environmentally friendly products.

Lighten Up

With obesity being a global epidemic that has been rapidly increasing in the last 50 years, EQUATE’s Initiative for a Healthy Society (Lighten Up) was launched to create community awareness about battling obesity and over weight. In cooperation with a number of doctors from Kuwait Obesity Association, Lighten Up targeted educating the public how to follow a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, healthy eating habits and staying active.

Lighten Up
Stay Normal 1 and 2

EQUATE launched two campaigns under the slogan “Stay Normal. The first was EQUATE Awareness Campaign for Hypertension (Stay Normal) and the second was EQUATE Awareness Campaign for Diabetes (Stay Normal 2). With the participation of EQUATE employees, physicians and medical staff, the campaigns toured public and private venues throughout Kuwait.

Blood Drive

In support of Kuwait Central Blood Bank, EQUATE annually organizes a number of blood drives where employees can contribute to this noble cause.


Memorandums of cooperation & understanding:

EQUATE has signed a number of memorandums of understanding and cooperation with a number of organizations, such as Kuwait Foundations for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR( Kuwait University (College of Business Administration and College of Engineering & Petroleum), as well as the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET).


Plant Water Recycle Project:

EQUATE launched the Middle East’s first Plant Water Recycle project.

CO2 Recovery Project:

EQUATE Launched Kuwait’s first two projects aimed at recovering and reusing CO2 for industrial purposes.

Sustainable Contributions

To embody its “Partners in Success” slogan, EQUATE has contributed to several sustainable programs that were launched by public, private and civic organizations. As a part of the focus areas in its sustainability-based strategy, EQUATE’s contributions were directed towards education, health, professional development, environment, community awareness and industrial affairs, as well as humanitarian relief efforts throughout the world.