Responsible Care

Responsible Care
EQUATE & Responsible Care

EQUATE is the first Kuwaiti organization to receive the certification and accreditation of Responsible Care (RC), which is an international voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry to safely handle products throughout all phases.

EQUATE commitment to RC

CEO Declaration of Support for the Responsible Care Global Charter

Responsible Care is the global chemical industry's unifying commitment to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle, while promoting their role in improving quality of life and contributing to sustainable development.

As a signatory to the Responsible Care Global Charter my company will actively strengthen the Responsible Care initiative worldwide and is committed to:

  • A Corporate Leadership Culture that proactively supports safe chemicals management through the global Responsible Care initiative.
  • Safeguarding People and the Environment by continuously improving our environmental, health and safety performance; the security of our facilities, processes and technologies; and by driving continuous improvement in chemical product safety and stewardship throughout the supply chain.
  • Strengthening Chemicals Management Systems by participating in the development and implementation of lifecycle-oriented, sound-science and risk-based chemical safety legislation and best practices.
  • Influencing Business Partners to promote the safe management of chemicals within their own operations.
  • Engaging Stakeholders, understanding and responding to their concerns and expectations for safer operations and products and communicating openly on our performance and products.
  • Contributing to Sustainability through improved performance, expanded economic opportunities and the development of innovative technologies and other solutions to societal challenges

Ramesh Ramachandran

President & CEO EQUATE Petrochemical Company, 5 December 2017

Product Stewardship.

EQUATE implements a comprehensive Product Stewardship Program in all its business with the aim of ensuring overall Environment, Health and Safety, and Environmental protection as an integral part of designing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, using, recycling, and disposal of products.

The product stewardship program is an activity that evaluates the product hazards and exposure using state-of-the-art hazard identification tools. Product hazards are intrinsic characteristics with the potential to cause harm, such as flammability, corrosiveness, toxicity and non-biodegradability.

Product Risk Characterization and Risk Management are also carried out to minimize all product related risks.

Through the Product Stewardship Program, EQUATE aims at safe, responsible handling of products at its own manufacturing sites, as well as work closely with suppliers, carriers, distributors and customers to help them maintain exemplary safety and environmental standards.

EQUATE’s support includes technical assistance, training, health, safety and environmental advice, as well as guidance and product information through a range of added-value services that include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Product-specific safety training
  • Storage and Handling Guidelines
  • Regulatory information where appropriate
  • Advice on clean-up procedures and accidental spills
Public Safety & Security

The world and global economy depend on substances that if not handled, stored, transported, or secured properly, could have a harmful impact.

EQUATE’s Position

EQUATE is greatly committed to the safety and security all its surroundings, stakeholders and all other matters of relevance.

EQUATE will lead by example as a role model organizations to all other parties through committed to the security and safety of its sites, products, neighbors and public communities -- our commitment is simply overall safety for all workers, neighbors and surroundings.

EQUATE has taken the lead to fully implement and exceed the regulations of relevant official Kuwaiti bodies.

EQUATE is strongly committed to support state level efforts addressing safety and security matters.

EQUATE continuously assesses issues associated with safety and security to ensure it serves and protects its site and neighbors.