Asma Alqallaf

Asmaa Ali Alqallaf, serves as the Deputy Managing Director of International Marketing Operations at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and as a board member at Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). She brings over 31 years of experience to the Oil & Gas industry, with a focus on International Marketing Planning and Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE).

At KPC, Alqallaf has been instrumental in shaping long-term strategies and major oil projects, including the development of the Mid/Long Term Plans and Strategy for KPC-IM as well as HSSE 2040 Strategy for the Oil Sector, the GHG Management Strategy and Roadmap, and the HSSE Management System. She has also played a significant role in the Kuwait National Communication for the State of Kuwait GHG Inventory.

A key aspect of her tenure was establishing Value Chain Optimization within KPC-IM, enhancing operational efficiency across crude and gas production, refining processes, and product mix. This initiative aimed to improve KPC’s operating margin through optimization across the value chain.

Alqallaf’s leadership extended to committee roles within KPC and its subsidiaries, contributing significantly to projects like the Clean Fuels Project (CFP) and the implementation of HSSE strategies and management systems.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Head of the Oil Sector COVID-19 Committee, she was pivotal in developing policies to maintain safe work environments and ensure business continuity.

Alqallaf holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Kuwait University, underlining her technical expertise in the field.