Culture And Values


At EQUATE, we rely on the talent, skill and dedication of our workforce to propel our growth — they are EQUATE’s “Partners in Success.” EQUATE has an enabling work environment, with employees of more than 25 nationalities across various functions. We seek to provide our employees with a rewarding and safe place to work, with an array of opportunities for professional growth and development. With the cross-cultural diversity, brilliant innovation, exceptional competence, and continuous improvement, EQUATE has gained advantages in production, marketing, logistics, customer service, and all other components of our internal value chain.


Our Code of Conduct (COC) sets forth our principles on diversity and equal opportunity. We believe in the fair distribution of opportunities for all our employees. We assign challenging objectives for people who are the right fit in terms of competencies and qualifications. We foster a culture of respect, and embrace our similarities and differences. We carry out our personnel programs and policies without discrimination across all areas, including recruitment, career progression, allocation of projects, benefits and pay. We follow gender equality practices in hiring candidates of varying levels of experience and ensure fairness in promotions, leadership opportunities and compensation.


At EQUATE, we consistently assess our customers’ satisfaction to ensure that our products and services exceed their expectations. This is realized through our endeavors to enhance our socioeconomic impact and minimize our environmental footprint. We also support our customers’ efforts to supply their local market demand as well as increasing their exports and presence in other countries.


At EQUATE, we carry out operations ethically and legally with our customers, society, regulatory authorities and partners in mind. Our people are encouraged to carry along these attributes wherever they conduct business. We do not compromise on our ethical standards under any circumstances as we believe upholding them will enable us to set a positive role model for others. We therefore expect our partners to hold similar values.


We integrate the needs of the community into our operations and products, and engage with society whenever possible. Our employees are true ambassadors in our partnerships and initiatives, acting responsibly every day and committed to uplifting local communities.