Business with EQUATE

At EQUATE, all business with suppliers, vendors and contractors is based on a solid partnership of cooperation, transparency and trust. To offer a product or service, all organizations interested in doing business with EQUATE can contact our Procurement Department where the right personnel will provide information and assistance on contracts and procurement requirements.

For more information about supplier qualification requirements, kindly review the following:

EQUATE Supplier Information

EQUATE maintains a transparent and impartial relationship with its suppliers, and strategically awards contracts to suppliers that provide continuous value to EQUATE. EQUATE provides business opportunities to suppliers who fulfil the above criteria through a specific qualification process. The process will guide suppliers on the required steps for qualification, such as:

  • Suppliers shall introduce their company and its services by completing the Supplier Information Form.
  • Through an acknowledgment letter/e-mail, the relevant person from EQUATE’s procurement department will handle affairs relevant to the supplier.
  • The relevant procurement person will be the focal point with the supplier throughout the process.
  • The relevant procurement person will also update the supplier on its qualification status.

Suppliers who meet the qualification requirements are registered in EQUATE’s approved supplier list. Although registered suppliers would have an opportunity to conduct business with EQUATE, registration does not entail any business commitment on EQUATE’s side.