Social Responsibilities

EQUATE Group’s proactive approach towards sustainability has helped us gain a reputation as one of the leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Kuwait and the region. The Group has long been considered a pioneer in sustainability, through its community engagement initiatives and other environmental, social and economic activities contributing to the growth and development. These initiative investments aim to positively impact the economy, environment, community, education and the workplace.

EQUATE invests on average US$ 500 million in the Kuwait market annually, combining investments in employing of local professionals, contributing to social, educational and environmental initiatives as well as partnering with the local private sector in its operations. Its US Gulf Coast plant alone will have an estimated annual economic impact of $ 24 million per year on average.

We also an active supporter of educational programs through which we partner with local academic institutions and offer financial support for various educational programs. We provide practical industrial training and conducts workshops for engineering students and allocate a percentage of our annual profit to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) to support technological, scientific and intellectual developments, nationally and globally. The KFAS initiatives include improving public understanding of science; strengthening innovation and research capacity and enhancing the enabling cultural environment; supporting the gifted and talented; translating knowledge into innovation; and encouraging private technology capabilities.

Additionally, the Group invests in human development, education, health and public causes, earning world recognitions for the initiatives it has made in these fields, while also making the environment a major priority by ensuring we adopt the best practices to reduce carbon emissions, recycling, innovating and supporting endeavors that protect and preserve the natural environment. EQUATE launched the Middle East’s first plant water recycle project, Kuwait’s first CO2 recovery plant and the first seawater-cooling towers to protect the marine life and water recycling on-site. It is also preventing adverse environmental impacts, reduce waste and emissions, and promote resource conservation at every stage of the lifecycle of our products.