A new CSR campaign EQUATE launches “-Lighten Up” Initiative

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Date(s) - 30 December 2008
12:00 am

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A new CSR campaign

EQUATE launches “-Lighten Up” Initiative

Mahmoud Al-Qattan: “Lighten Up” initiative aims at fighting obesity to improve society’s health standards

Dr. Majda Al-Qattan: Kuwait Obesity Association participates in the campaign due to its belief in over-weight dangers 

Under the slogan “Lighten Up” (Khaffif), EQUATE Petrochemical Company launched, during a press conference on Wednesday 24/12/2008, its initiative to fight obesity and its dangers as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

The initiative aims at sending important health messages about obesity to the society, especially to children and youth, and wishes to encourage them to take all necessary measures  through educating  parents how to protect their children from obesity and its effects.

EQUATE Vice President for Technical Services and head of EQUATE CSR Team, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Qattan said: “This initiative aims at creating awareness about the dangers of obesity, as well as highlighting the importance of following a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting habits, maintaining the right weight and exercising.”

Al-Qattan explained that EQUATE’s Initiative for a Healthy Society “Lighten Up” (Khaffif) is part of EQUATE’s CSR program which seeks to achieve overall sustainable development throughout the society.

He noted that “Through its CSR Program, EQUATE has earned the Award of Best Gulf Company in Recruiting Nationals, His Highness the Amir Award for the Best Plant in Kuwait, as well as Kuwait’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Industrial and Oil Sector. In addition, it has received the Highly Commended Best Community Program Award during the First Middle East Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award Summit held in Dubai.”


Leading Responsibility

EQUATE CSR Team has been focusing on programs related to education and training, initiating health and safety awareness campaigns and environmental awareness programs.

“EQUATE dedicates about $10 million annually to the CSR activities in the educational, health, industrial and environmental fields targeted to its employees and to the society in general,” added Al-Qattan.

He affirmed that EQUATE would continue to do this with full dedication and passion to put something back into the society, expressing his gratitude and appreciation to the distinguished cooperation extended by the Kuwait Obesity Association to support the initiative.


Cooperation with Kuwait Obesity Association

Dr. Majda Al-Qattan, Family Medicine Consultant and member of Kuwait Obesity Association, said that the Food Research Organization in Kuwait has found that over-weight percentage in Kuwait has recently reached 80%.

Dr. Al-Qattan urged everyone to calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI), indicating that we calculate the height in centimeters and the weight in kilograms and then do a certain calculation. If the BMI is within the range of 25-29.9, the case is considered over-weight and if it exceeds that, then the person is considered obese.

Dr. Al-Qattan said that EQUATE’s “Lighten Up” initiative in cooperation with Kuwait Obesity Association was part of the association’s core mission.

“Our goal from this slogan is to highlight the problem and how to fight it,” she said, commending EQUATE’s CSR program for reaching out to the society with critical information.

The Initiative’s Activities

During the initiative, volunteers from EQUATE, in cooperation with Kuwait Obesity Association, will organize a variety of activities over a few months, including: visits to schools and universities, setting an awareness booth in public places, distributing brochures and other activities.

BMI will be calculated for free during the campaign’s activities in different places throughout Kuwait. Nutrition and lifestyle advice will be provided for individuals .

The program also aims at sponsoring sports competitions and restoring public facilities to improve health standards in the society.

Hand in hand with being a leading industrial organization, EQUATE launched its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which includes various sustainability and environmental initiatives, professional development tactics, community programs and educational development plans for employees and the greater community in Kuwait.