EQUATE Demonstrates Commitment to Carbon Neutrality at PIC HSSE Week.

KUWAIT CITY, March 6, 2024  – EQUATE proudly participated in the recent PIC HSSE Week, where the focus was on the key theme, “Together Towards Carbon Neutrality.” This dedicated event aligned perfectly with EQUATE’s mission of shaping a responsible and sustainable energy future.

The main purpose of the event was to showcase projects and initiatives that make significant contributions to achieving Carbon Neutrality in Kuwait. One notable initiative highlighted at the event was carbon capture and its application, reflecting the theme of working together towards carbon neutrality.

In addition to EQUATE, other notable participants at the event included various K-companies, the Kuwait Environmental Public Authority (EPA), and several other companies with a keen interest in advancing sustainability efforts in the industry.

EQUATE’s participation at the event emphasized not only its commitment to carbon neutrality but also showcased key projects and initiatives that were set in motion prior to the Paris Agreement. These projects aim to achieve the ambitious goals set forth in the event’s theme.

The inauguration of the event was led by senior management from PIC, underscoring the importance of the initiatives being presented.

EQUATE remains dedicated to driving meaningful change and innovation in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. By actively participating in events like the PIC HSSE Week and highlighting projects that support carbon neutrality, EQUATE reaffirms its position as a leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices within the industry.