Husain: Petrochemical & chemical industries’ value of over USD 3 trillion needs sustainability

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Date(s) - 21 October 2014
12:00 am

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Dubai – 21 October 2014 — EQUATE Petrochemical Company, Kuwait’s first private sector petrochemical company, said that during 2012, the total value of the global petrochemical and chemical production was over USD 3.8 trillion and more than 10% of that production was from Gulf nations.

EQUATE President & CEO Mohammad Husain said, “During 2012, the Gulf’s production capacity of petrochemicals and chemicals, excluding pharmaceuticals, exceeded 129 million tons, making these sectors the second main source of income after petroleum. Among other elements, such a value makes our overall sustainability a must.”

Husain’s statements came on EQUATE’s sponsorship of the 2nd Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association (GPCA) Sustainability Conference 2014 in Dubai, the UAE, during November 21-23.

Husain added, “Having such significance, the matter is not limited to manufacturing and making profits. It is a comprehensive framework of sustainability through human innovation to ensure addressing all relevant functions, such as the environment, health, safety, technology, production, communication, marketing, supply chain, human resources, sales and business development. For that, throughout the years, EQUATE has launched several critical initiatives, such the Middle East’s First Plant Water Recycling Project and Kuwait’s First CO2 Recovery project, all thanks to its distinguished human resources.”

The 2nd GPCA Sustainability Conference 2014 will include the attendance of over 190 industrial leaders, experts and professionals from around the world to discuss several matters regarding the petrochemical and chemical sectors.

As a founding member of GPCA, EQUATE has been a strong supporter of the various activities launched by the association since its inception in 2006 within a context of “Partners in Success.”

Established in 1995, EQUATE is an international joint venture between Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), Boubyan Petrochemical Company (BPC) and Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company (QPIC). Commencing production in 1997, EQUATE is the single operator of a fully integrated world-scale manufacturing facility producing over 5 million tons annually of high-quality petrochemical products which are marketed throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.