Sustainability Strategy

Working towards sustainability

We partner with public institutions, the business community and the society as a whole in a commitment to achieve sustainability in our operations and for the benefit of our world. We invest in human development, environment, education, health and public causes earning worldwide recognition for the initiatives we have made in these fields.


Our Sustainability Strategy 2025

Endorsed by the EQUATE Management Team and set in motion by EQUATE’s Sustainability Committee, the Sustainability Strategy 2025 outlines a clear-cut strategy that comprises of 16 strategic initiatives as listed below.


Governance Structure and Process

External stakeholder engagement plan

Sustainable procurement

Tax saving opportunities

Employee engagement to develop capacity

Sustainability management program


Innovation Process

Renewable energy strategy

Digital sustainability strategy

Circular economy initiative


Sustainability impact assessment process

Transition plan towards integrated reporting

GHG accounting

Need-based community investment and SME development

Advocacy through multi-stakeholder dialogue in Kuwait

Drive sustainability among peers through GPCA

Our focus areas

Our sustainability strategy is focused on achieving development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


    We aim to create economic value wherever we operate by positively contributing to the overall supply chain of our industry, supporting other business sectors and ensuring investment in our human capital and communities.


    We aim for minimal impact on the environment. Our goal is to prevent adverse environmental impacts, reduce waste and emissions, and promote resource conservation at every stage of the lifecycle of our products.


    We consider our community as an essential partner to our long-term success. We believe that working closely with the community and creating value for them is closely aligned with our corporate mission and values. We consistently engage with local communities, and participate in local developmental programs to contribute to the national developmental agenda of countries of our operations.


    EQUATE firmly believes that education is essential for the economic and social development of both organization and society. We partner with local academic institutions to support educational programs and provide practical industrial training and workshops for school and university students.


    We have established strict codes to maintain the highest levels of health and safety among our employees, ensuring each and every one of them is well trained and aware of their role in preserving their safety and the safety of their colleagues. We also ensure that our partners abide by these standards for an overall safe work environment.


    We respect the rights and ambitions of all people and encourage a culture of mutual respect. We understand and value the similarities and differences among our employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders, and ensure we foster an equal opportunity workplace at all times.