Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic polymer with variable crystalline structure and an extremely large range of applications depending on the particular type. Polyethylene impacts the lives of millions of people each and every day as it is the world’s most versatile and widely used material for plastics.......Read more


Ethylene Glycol

EQUATE manufactures premium quality Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) and Diethylene Glycol (DEG), collectively known as Ethylene Glycol (EG), a petrochemical product used in polyester fiber for fabrics, water-based adhesive material, shoe polish, printer ink, as well as automotive anti-freeze and coolant....Read more



Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications that require strength, rigidity and a substance resistant to fatigue and which withstands heat such as medical and laboratory items, piping and furniture. EQUATE produces Polypropylene on behalf of one of its shareholders, Petrochemical Industries......Read more


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EQUATE Petrochemical4 days ago

تفخر فيها مجموعة ايكويت بافتتاح مصنعها أم إي جلوبال أويستر كريك الجديد في منطقة تكساس، بأمريكا. سيقدم المصنع مرونة للمجموعة في طريقة تلبية احتياجات العملاء عبر عمليات توصيل اعتمادية ومستقرة لمنتجات ال EG، وخاصة في الأسواق الأمريكية والآسيوية

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EQUATE Group is proud of the inauguration of its new MEGlobal Oyster Creek site in TX, USA. The new plant gives the Group greater flexibility to satisfy customers’ needs for consistent & reliable delivery of EG products, especially in US & Asian markets.


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EQUATE Group Announces Inauguration of MEGlobal Oyster Creek

#MEGOysterCreek #MEGCelebrate