Household & Industrial Chemical (HIC)

There is no doubt that plastics have become essential to our everyday lives. We use PE in everything from food containers to shoe soles as it is a popular polymer widely used in most plastic products. According to global organizations, the benefits of plastics are unmatched by any other material. It is light, easily shaped, strong and inexpensive. Its ability to guard against contamination makes it useful in sterile medical environments such as hospitals. Its shatter-free and safety features make it an ideal choice for kitchenware, which offers a practical alternative to glass and ceramic dishes. Its moisture resistance and extended shelf-life advantages make it critical for food preservation and perishables’ freshness when used to store food and beverages. Its childproof and chemical resistance make it the best solution for plastic containers holding hazardous household products such as bleach, ammonia and other powerful cleaners. Its ability to withstand the rigors of shipping and durability make it the number one choice for packaging and plastic containers, and provides good storage solutions at home and in the office.

Recommended Grades